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HPM App ::: Aster by ForeverTired HPM App ::: Aster by ForeverTired
Edit 6/14 :: I made it in ; v ;
I don't really like the app art tho since I rushed it so I'll probably be changing it soon

This group closes in a few hours I'm sOOO L8 :iconsopsplz:
I also didn't see until Wednesday so this is fairly rushed, the art and all. I'll fix it later :vv


[+] Name ::: Aster Sininen

[+] Age ::: Twenty-one (21)

[+] Gender ::: Male ♂

[+] Pokemon ::: #037 Vulpix

[+] Height ::: 6'1" - 1.85m

[+] Bodystyle ::: Athletic

[+] Birthday ::: 5 November

[+] Home Island ::: Rapture Retreat

[+] Personality :::
| Indifferent | Aloof | Reserved |

| Focused | Driven | (mostly) Patient | Kind- spirited  |

| Very negative| Self doubting | Irritable | Competetive |
Aster is, at base level, an introverted and ever withdrawn spirit who tends to avoid social interaction in most any form. He has some kind of distant and uncaring air about himself. 

Just by looking at him one can generally tell Aster is not a friendly guy. His face is typically fixed in some sort of bored- or annoyed looking expression and he rarely has anything to say. Not that he's shy, Aster just doesn't go out of his way to interact with others and even when he doesn't have to go out of his way he'd prefer not to be bothered. Those that do end up talking to him will find Aster can be quite rude and dismissive to people he doesn't know and is quite easily irritated.

Aster constantly involves himself in some kind of project, coming off as a quiet busybody. He is no stranger to overachieving or perfectionist behavior and feels whatever he does MUST be done one-hundred percent. When taking on a task, he is focused on doing that one thing until it is done and nothing else. Because of this he deeply enjoys his work as a rancher as he feels he accomplishes something by raising animals, but he tends to get caught up in everything and work impossibly long hours before realizing what he's done. 

It is quite hard to know Aster on a more personal level as he tends to keep himself seperate from others in any way he can find. Due to the isolation he felt and teasing he recieved as a child Aster is quite skittish around people and has trouble with wanting to know others. He feels they will only see the worst in him as that is how he sees himself. To counter this Aster works hard at everything he does in an attempt to gain praise and notoriety through his accomplishments. He has given up being insecure and has accepted his faults, though those faults are all he can see in himself. And since he constantly sells himself short he tends to miss his positive qualities. Those that know Aster on a more personal level will see that beneath his reserved and easily irritated self is someone who genuinely tries to show kindness to whomever he possibly can. He is quite patient with those he thinks of as friends ( disregarding his all to common slip of the tongue incidents...) and tries his best to be helpful when he can. 

Aster's kind of a trainwreck but deep down... He's a kindhearted trainwreck...(?)

[+] History :::
Aster's life began in a simple, humble family. His father, a farmer, his mother, a teacher, they did all they could to make ends meet for themselves and their only child. 

As far back as he can remember, Aster's been a sort of quiet kid who kept to himself. He grew up watching his father farm and before long was helping him all he could. Then in the evenings he would learn a great many things about schooling from his mother. Both of these things left Aster more than prepared to begin school than other kids. An active young thing with a fair amount of book knowledge for his age, Aster had no problems making better grades than most every other child around him. 

... And this is where his school troubles began. "Nerd." A single word that left such a great impact on a young Aster. He began to get teased for his "girly" appearance. As Aster grew older, his father's lowly position as a small-time farmer grew into being "poor". No matter what, the teasing and constant jokes aimed at him by schoolmates never seemed to let up. Seasons passed, years went on. He grew from elementary on through junior high up to high school and still the verbal bullying followed him. It wasn't anything he couldn't handle but all this time dealing with it had left Aster with no self esteem whatsoever. 

Perhaps they were right. Perhaps he would never be anything but the entire school's joke. Perhaps he should have just dropped out, then he wouldn't have to deal with these people anymore... Perhaps though... Perhaps they were wrong. In the seemingly rare moments that his ears were met with praise of any kind, Aster felt like he could do anything. He felt empowered, he felt good about himself, and above all he felt the negative things said to him wouldn't matter. So,  it was then and there, about the age of fourteen, that Aster set out to be the best at whatever he wanted to do. He tightened up on his grades, he joined any sports team he was remotely interested in, he taught himself simple things like cooking, he even tried to pick up an instrument... And well he succeeded and excelled in a few things and failed in others but each time he kept going. He kept going to show everyone that he did deserve praise, that he didn't deserve hateful words. 

As Aster neared the end of his time in school, everything did stop, people grew up; jokes got old. Maybe Aster just stopped caring altogether. Either way by the end of it all Aster was left standing with a high school diploma and a school life of, quite frankly, awful memories. 

More recently in his life, Aster has been moving around. He lived at home for a while, helping his aging father tend crops and pokémon, he worked trying to learn trades he could make a living at, he stuck around home. Until about the time he turned nineteen. After a while and some working experience, Aster set out with a single goal to find somewhere new for himself. He wandered about for a while, eventually sticking to the road. He started looking for a place to stay maybe a night or two, certainly not a place to spend his life. Until he hit some good luck. A small island chain, a community and some land. Inspired and influenced by his father's own job and the good memories he had helping, Aster scrounged together what money he had to his name and bought up some land. Just a small bit and a couple of animals. From there, Will-o'-wisp ranch was born and Aster found himself settling down and trying to make a go of things in a new space.

[+] Job:: Rancher 

[+] Ranch Name:::Will-o-Wisp Ranch

[+] Dog/Cat Race ::: Growlithe

[+] Dog/Cat’s name ::: Aries

[+] Dog/Cat’s gender ::: Male

[+] Talents :::
:bulletred: Cooking :: Aster is actually quite the cook though it's usually just himself he cooks for

:bulletred: Animal care ::: If it counts as a talent, Aster is actually good with pokemon as he's been around them his whole life.

:bulletred: Athletic/Academic talent ::: Aster was very talented in both areas during school if for no other reason than his insane dedication to whatever he's doing.

[+] Funfacts :::

[+] The only thing Aster ever tried to do but gave up was the guitar. It sits in a room in his house never to be played.

[+] When he's NOT working on a project he's very "ADD" and tends to get lost in his thoughts easily
[+] His lil shirt thing has a hood on it too, he thinks it's REALLY cool

[+] Aster only pins his hair back when he's at work but often forgets and walks around like that.

[+] His tails twitch randomly and swing without his doing

[+] His ears also flap up and down when he's excited, even if it's not on his face


Pokemon ~ Game Freak
Aster ~ ForeverTired

; v ; )//
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czmAvery Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If you're willing, I'd love to roleplay with this character. <3 Super absolutely adorable!!! 8D
Rosbelle Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
why am I just now seeing this cutie??

He's way too adorable! *v* I'd love to rp with you sometime, if that's okay? ;v;
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh gosh thank you! Yeah I'd love to rp whenver. Just send me a note if you want : >
or whatever way you'd prefer is cool too e u e;;;
Rosbelle Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Wonderful! I'll try and send one soon. ; v ;
Pupasus Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
hahaha, I did the same thing when i first joined and submitted a rushed drawing XD
He still looks gorgeous though! I look forward to seeing him more! and maybe an rp some time :3
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for the late reply!!
Ahh oh gosh thanks at least I'm not alone :0
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Pupasus Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Hahaha, better late than never ^_^' 

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Skulldilian Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Ooooh, cutie alert~ I have such a soft spot for grumpy characters. <3
Anyway, congrats on making it into HPM! I hope to see more of Aster real soon~
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah sorry for the late reply :'0
Thank you so much / w \ I'm happy to be in heheh///////
Skulldilian Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
No problem~
I hope you have lots of fun in the group! C:
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