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MH App :: Ana by ForeverTired MH App :: Ana by ForeverTired

Edit :: last minute edit omg
i noticed I didn't see something regarding "special attacks" so I'm changing Ana's D20 slightly before the group actually opens ////////
Also the HTML is friggin insane--

Applying to :iconmagica-hostia: 

loudly stares @ poke

Wish me luck tho :iconlazywaveplz:

oh ye ah also the app picture is kinda blurry b/c it's shrunken so much but you can look here to see the larger version uvu )//


[+] Name :: Ana Bradford Dullahan

[+] Age :: Sixteen (16)

[+] Gender :: Male

[+] Height :: 5'10" - 1.8m

[+] Sexuality :: "Probably not you."

[+] Likes ::

[+] Interesting people
[+] Storytelling
[+] Sweets, Ana really likes sweets.
[+] History

[-]Dislikes ::

[-] Getting his nice clothes dirty
[-] Bitter foods
[-] Actually, he dislikes the taste of fish
[-] "Boring" things. its a loooong list for him
[-] Most people.

[+] Personality ::
 | Aloof | Blunt | Easily annoyed | Protective | Contemplative | Driven | Passionate |

Looking at him, Ana's face near constantly maintains a distant look, his eyes almost devoid of any positive emotion. He tends to remark about how "uninteresting" things are/look/probably are/might be who knows and once he labels something as such, he will do his best to avoid it on the principle that uninteresting things are not worth his time in the least. However, if his interest is caught, Ana will warm up much more quickly than he normally would. Needless to say that otherwise it is quite hard to get to know Ana. He has a blunt, hold nothing back way of talking and a less than peachy keen outlook on life that he is more than happy to share with anyone that would question why he's always so grumpy. He also has a plenty of sarcastic or simply rude jabs on hand whenever he might need them, but he tends to stick with simply being difficult, as opposed to being flat out mean.

However... those who can brave these trials will meet someone who simultaneously the most rude, yet passionate person you could hope to deal with. Ana is extremely driven in what he wants and will most certainly stop at nothing to reach his goals, even if it does mean trading his soul away to an incubator. He is dedicated to those he considers "friends" and fiercely protective. Ana is extremely confident in whatever he does and refuses to even consider failure an option. If he does fail or screw up in any noticeable way, Ana will set out to do whatever it takes to fix the problem. Rest assured, Ana will go down fighting before giving up even has a chance to enter his mind. 

[+] Background :: 

Ever since he can remember, Ana has been alone.
Born to a single, career driven mother, Ana has always been her second priority in life. His father was never around so much of Ana's early life was spent in the care of various babysitters, nannies, or family members in the suburbs around Houston, Texas. Not that it bothered him. From an early age Ana forwent typical bonding to any one parental figure, so in a way he's never felt like he's had "real parents."

From an early age, Ana grew used to isolation. No father, his mother worked all hours of the day. He spent much of his childhood shuffled between babysitters, nannies, or random family members. Day in and day out his life was ever routine, with the faces around him changing constantly. 

Ana's always felt he had a boring life. His elementary years came and went, spent at various schools until his mother felt she found the right one for her boy. Ana moved through school with no issue and eventually made it up into middle school. He became a very quiet, repressed person. Before even the age of twelve Ana began to think nothing would change and even stopped longing for his mother's attention.

But why? Why did things have to be this way? 

The news came that Ana and his mother would be moving far away, to a big city in another place. Just the two of them. Away from any family he had ever known, the people with whom Ana had the most normal relationships, hundreds of miles away. Why...? The question grew stronger in Ana's mind with each passing day. Surely this wasn't all life had to offer. Surely things couldn't always be this boring. Loneliness and school was literally all his seemed to consist of at this point and Ana was tired of it.
It was then, at the age of thirteen, Ana decided he would set out to become the ideal person he wanted to be. He would do anything he could to become someone great, someone who wouldn't feel second best against a job of all things. Ana set out to do anything that could fill the void of being alone, he set out to accomplish whatever he wanted to do. He wanted to become someone who couldn't be simply ignored.

Nowadays though, he still has quite a ways to go. Adjusting to a new city wasn't all that bad considering he didn't care too much for the last one. He otped to attend Norwood to get out of the awful chain of attending private schools. For all intents and purposed he lives a normal, mundane sort of life. For now he's just looking to pass time until he can achieve a better life than one he feels miserable in.

[+] Other ::
[+] He does still live with his mom, though she's still working round the clock
[+] His absolute favorite thing is ice cream, any kinds and all kinds
[+] Ana eats like a pig but his metabolism is shockingly fast.
[+] He loves sports and is extremely competetive when it comes to them so don't play with him. Ever. 
[+] ABOUT THE NOODLING. It's not like he's a redneck but hey, if the opportunity to punch a fish comes along, Ana is there.
[+] Go figure he hates his magi outfit because the cape gets everywhere
[+] He wears whatever's comfortable rather it makes him look femenine or not. Not that he cares too much.

[+]School :: Norwood High 

[+] Grade :: Junior

[+] Wish ::
"A waste of a wish...? It may seem like a waste of a wish I guess but if it's what I really want then it doesn't matter and if you can help me get it then I don't care. What I want is to be an interesting person, I wish to lead an interesting life. I want a life with more meaning that what I've got now, y'know.

Post wish, Ana must admit he doesn't feel very different. But the way he sees it, he's younf. Things will happen eventually. The real kicker here though, is that he got what he wanted all along. What's more interesting than a life of fighting monsters and saving lives...? Even if none can ever know...

[+] Soul Gem :::
Base form :: Silver casing around a lavendar gem.
Everyday form :: A black choker holding a round gem.
Magi form :: Round gem on clasp holding his cloak together.

[+] Weapon :: Halberd

[+] Innate Ability : N/a

[+] D5 attack :: Swing! A simple slashing or jabbing attack.

[+] D10 attack :: Improvised movement// Planting one end of his halberd in the ground, Ana swings his leg to kick as hard as he can.

[+] D15 attack :: Spearhead crash // Taking off from a distance, Ana ises all the momentum he can gain to stab an enemy.

[+] D20 attack :: Gungnir's revenge // Ana readies himself and throws his halberd more like a javelin, hurling it as best he can.

[+] Stats ::

HP: 100

Attack: n/a

Dodge: n/a

Other: n/a

[+] ITEMS ::

[+] RP Methods ::
Skype prefered but notes work just as well uvu )//

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Dragoncookie Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he has the same first name as me LOL dang he seems rlly cool tho. grats on being accepted!
JadedFomicry Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014   Writer
Grats on gettng in~
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not in yet :'0
hopefully tho
JadedFomicry Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014   Writer
still, good luck~
Palastel Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
hello cutie <3 so adorable
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't call him cute he'll probs.. . Just make a face and cros s his arms,,, oh well
Palastel Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
same as my boy such a grumpy baby
AutumnDance123 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh he's so precious ;; u ;;
If you get in I hope we can RP xD
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah sorry for the late reply!! 
Thanks! Hopefully I can make it ; v ; )/
AutumnDance123 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay ^ ^
I think you can! Especially if you were accepted in the potential magi xD
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DaikiXAna! /RUNS
AutumnDance123 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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