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Okumatta App :: Rei by ForeverTired Okumatta App :: Rei by ForeverTired
| I RP through dA Notes and Skype |
Edit ::
I got in u7u ))
also made some edits and yeah transparancies ain't happenin today
Here's hoping I make it! 
Hhhhhh just if I do I'm redoing this whole app. My scanner and transpearancies weren't working right today or asdfgh



+ Name :: Kirei || 奇麗 ( Though she simply prefers Rei )

+ Age :: Appears to be in her early 20s, she's actually a little over 100

+ Gender :: Female ♀

+ Creature :: Futakuchi-onna 

+ Job :: Hostess House!

 + Abilities :: Her hair can be controlled like seperate limbs, fully functioning and just as strong as her actual ones. 
She also kind of has a mouth in the back of her head, don't get close to it!!

+ Personality ::
> Curious
Despite being raised nearly alone and taught to be wary of humans, Kirei is a very sociable and curious girl who wants to explore the world around her. She is quite attentive and finds herself willing to listen to most anything others have to say, if only to gave a little more knowledge about the world. 
> Honest
She has quite an honest streak and finds herself almost impossible to lie. Literally, she will get red-faced, giggly, horribly closed off, a different tell to go along with whatever the nature is.  
> Upbeat
Kirei always seems to be happy for some reason or another. She has a bubbly personality and chooses to share her joy with others whenever she gets the chance. 
> Disloyal/Untrusting
Despite being constantly upbeat and always willing to make new friends, in the end, Kirei's loyalties lie solely with herself.  Kirei knows what she wants in life and will set out to accomplish that goal to the best of her abilities. The girl cannnot honestly be relied on for anything important. She was taught, as a child, not to be readily trusting and still to this day takes that lesson to heart. 
Kirei is nice, she is sociable, she does like to see others happy. But honestly, she doesn't get attached to people. She sees them as just that, people, a part of a whole. Save a select few, Kirei honestly in her heart couldn't care for people she meets on a day to day basis but only for a moment and then she they become just another face to her.
> Easily embarassed/self conscious
Lastly, she is easily flustered with the appearence of her second mouth and is very self conscious about the whole thing. She will become visibly embarassed and very withdrawn if it makes a sudden appearance and will avoid whoever saw it. 

+ Story ::
Kirei's story begins some time ago in her mother's arms. Perhaps it was fate that she would be cursed in this manner. Or perhaps it was the sins of the parents reflected on their daughter. 
Kirei was born like she is, through no fault of her own, cursed to live as a yokai. As such her parents took her deep into the mountains during her first weeks of birth and left her there, hoping for a quick death. 
Strangely though, the world had other plans. Drawn close by the cry of a baby, a woman much like Kirei herself, found the child. It wasn't like she had any kind if attachment to the child right off the bat, but she wasn't going to leave the girl. 
And so for many, many years afterwards, Kirei grew, travelled, learned about the world and how humans handled beings like herself. 
Not well. Beaten up a few times, scarred on occasion, and driven from towns, Kirei and her "mother" still made a go of things despite how their lives turned out. It's just been recently that the two parted ways. Her caretaker and makeshift mother dissapeared, living off of human kindness offered to a poor traveller.
Kirei, however, had different plans. She wandered and wandered until she'd find a place where she could settle. 

Travelling for a few decades wears a girl out, so upon finding Okumatta, Kirei jumped at the chance to settle somewhere for a bit, awaiting the day her wanderlust returns.

+ Likes 
+Warm weather 
+Bitter foods
+sweet foods
+pretty much any food
+visiting with others
+floral print anything
-  Dislike
-Sour foods
-The cold 
-Really hates snow
-her second mouth

+ Trivial info 
+Her second mouth seems to have a mind of its own at times. For the most part she manages to keep it quiet and well hidden but if anything gets too close it snaps without hesitation.
+She really doesn't like swimming because she's afraid she'll drown.
+Her favorite hobbies are doing floral arrangements and fishing.
+She loves her job as a hostess, she thinks it's fun to just sit and talk. 
+If she laughs too hard, her second mouth does the same... And then keeps cackling even after she's done.
+If it opens in front of a stranger or even a friend, Kirei avoids that person because she thinks they'll call her a freak!
+Two fangs also protrude at all times, she keeps them clean and passes them off as hair pins.


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TheLostArts Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This girl. I don't think I can find the right words to explain just how much I love her. ; u ;
She is so precious! Just- the fact that she's so self-concious about her second mouth and gets so embarrassed over it- it makes sense considering her past, but makes me want to smother her with hugs all the same!! >3<
As far as appearances go she is adorable, and I am in love with how she can move her hair. *A* So cool.
I'd really love to rp with you sometime~!
ForeverTired Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG Artsu ur too nice :iconsopsplz: You should def smother her with hugs she needs them after walking for a hundred year huehuehue
Also yes I'd really love to rp with you too but I'm always 2 shy 2 ask :iconming3plz:
TheLostArts Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm only as nice as both you and Rei desererve. :iconpapcryplz:
Since I can't do it myself, I will send Naoki in my place to shower with hugs! Even if he's not a huggy person, he's going to have to get used to it. -3- //slapped
Wh-what?! No, come back here! YOU CAN'T MAKE CLAIM THAT MY BABY IS THAT ADORABLE AND THEN SAY 'BYE'! Rei is a pretty tough competitor in the category of sheer adorable-ness. ; u ;
Shhhhh- It's okay Tired! *I have no idea what to call you //OTL* No need to be shy. Especially with me -I'm such a weird and dorky person I really shouldn't be hard to approach. o3o
Are notes okay with you? *has a bad habit of forgetting that I even have Skype*
ForeverTired Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rei likes hugs :'D her hair likes them too //kicked away
they're live very grabby tectacle things that she has no control over ah aha aha aha
together they can reign supreme as the super adorable cool kids and yeah! Notes are fine. In fact, if you want I have an RP Tracker that you can try to get a plot from! If you want though, I never use it ahaha ahaha
TheLostArts Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, that's too cute! Kind of creepy if you're not expecting it, but still cute~
Yes, that's brilliant! No one ever suspects the cute ones...with a little effort, world domination could be in their grasp! //punted
I checked out your RP Tracker, and since you have some good ideas I stole one off of there~ Since I can't come up with anything good right now. //OTL
Anyways, I finally sent you a note~ And sorry in advance for how long it is: I have the tendency to ramble when I start an rp. ; u ;
Rootienut Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;A; We must rp......drink buddies.
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure! your fox bb is rly cute btw B)
Whatever you prefer to rp over, just hit me up! u7u
Rootienut Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
smuttiesnack is my skype =w=

Thank you!
TriangleWaifu Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just simply love her clothes! ;A;//
They are old fashioned but also looking kinda modern :heart: :heart:
Shes such a great and lovely character >w<!
ForeverTired Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh gosh thanks qAq 
Your bbies are rly cute too tho ok ay 
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